Scholarship Options By Politicians For Educating Mothers

In the current finScholarship Options By Politicians For Educating Mothersancial crises that the world is undergoing, it is not uncommon for more members of the family opting to work in order to fulfill the household’s daily needs, maintain their living standards and basically to make ends meat. It is common knowledge that higher the level of education, better would be the availability and provision of job opportunities.

However, a numerous number of married women surveyed recently has shown to have been unable to complete their studies or pursue higher education as they instead chose to put their lives on hold in order to marry and raise a family. The positive economic implications of women going back to school at a mature age are enormous ranging from more intellectually developed minds, higher income brackets, job security, career advancement and the perfect opportunity to act as a role model for their progeny. However, this issue needs to be addressed at a national level and help should be provided to all willing mothers in form of grants, scholarships and funding through effective government intervention.

The road to better education for women with families involves more than a few hurdles. Although both online as well as on-ground, schools have drastically improved the level of convenience that they have provided to their students but among the plentiful issues faced by older women who want to study, the most basic is that of the huge tuition fees that is far more than every body’s affordability. Added to that is the additional burden that mothers face of taking care of their households, fulfilling their child’s needs, managing and balancing the stress of school work with the responsibilities and in general the overall guilt trip of not being able to spend sufficient time with their loved ones can all lead to discouraging many in their wishful thinking of gaining a school education.

Playing an Integral Role

People in power such as politicians can play the most integral role in providing mothers with the opportunity to study. The nation is in need of education-friendly reforms and policies which will aid non-traditional mothers financially as well as practically through provision of ample scholarships for moms and grants for graduate, post graduate and specialization programs. Women empowerment should be focused on and promoted by the government through allotment of budget for both merit based as well as need-based scholarships. Various self-assessment tests can be made available to be undertaken in order to check the skill level of each candidate and reward the top scorers accordingly.

Currently, the majority of scholarship programs offer funding for campus education. However, there is need for the politicians to take active steps in creating a larger number of parent-friendly education-awareness grants/scholarships which will solely focus on the schooling of mothers. In addition, it is equally important to initiate a job quota system in a majority of corporate or other leading offices specifically for such graduates in order to guarantee job security to all such parents which will further boost the motivation levels of any prospective students.

Providing Education Online

Moreover, e-learning should be readily promoted for stay at home moms. Instead of traditional campus learning, studying through the internet has proven to be not only more time effective with flexible schedules which allows a busy parent to study around his routine while assisting in overcoming any constraints related to arranging childcare and managing regular transportation but also enables one to gain the confidence associated with knowledge gained from the plentiful resources and helpful websites found on the internet in abundance from the convenience of their homes.  Short-term specialized vocational-training programs in high-demand fields can also be set up by the government which will provide uneducated mothers with a specific skill in a shorter span of time which can then be ultimately utilized for earning money and becoming more independent.

Finally, new steps can also be taken by the national education board (American Council on Education) to issue subsidized transportation from all city parts, provide accessibility to libraries and resources, provision of child care and a small stipend for encouraging a larger number of mothers to opt for the completion of their schooling.

In conclusion, with respect to women with children, the availability of sufficient funds is the focal point that can make or break a decision of obtaining higher degrees. Schooling is the right of every citizen and sufficient financial assistance can motivate mothers to face fewer problems while fulfilling their emotional and financial dreams successfully.

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