Politics in the Bedroom? Not Once The Door Shuts I Hope

POLITICS TODAYIt’s a shame that we spend time and money on things like how to last longer in bed tips when we could be spending that money donating to find a cure for cancer or multiple sclerosis.  Then again, even people with cancer or MS probably want to know ways they can spice up their lives even if in the bedroom so I guess things like that can be positive.  When you’ve got serious issues to deal with on a daily basis, what’s wrong with getting your mind in sync with that of your partner?  Enjoy what you can and make the most of it.  So I guess yes, we need to find cures for those things that plague us, but why not enjoy ourselves in the meantime, what we do have, and what changes we can make to improve what we do have not just for our benefit, but for the benefit of the ones that we love.

I might sound a little crazy in saying all this but it’s true.  I don’t want to live through my situation with a total doom and gloom attitude.  Getting down on politicians who won’t push through stem cell research to learn new ways to cure what plagues us it going to make my day miserable.  I’d rather curl up in bed with my wife and enjoy what I can while I can.  It’s funny how simple it can be too, I mean, they even have a site dedicated to ways to make the loving between you and your loved one last longer.  I mean try http://www.howlastlongerinbed.net.  Now there’s an interesting site to browse in your free time.  It will definitely lift the cloud of grey that has been floating over your head for days now and let a little smile shine through.

It is, what it is.  That saying has been so popular as of late.  So all in all it’s a saying that is very much on point when it comes down to the grass roots of things that plague us, those that we love, the days we endure, the paths leaders we put in charge lead us down.  After a day’s grind at work, it is what it is.  Make the best of it.  Being close to another human being is the best way to feel that closeness.  That closeness that shows us what the best of it really is.  Spending some time or a few bucks to learn how to make that time we have where we feel close to someone else all that it can be and put aside our hardships and what life is serving us up at this point a little better, a little more fun for a few moments out of our day.  Why not.

So enjoy your evening with your loved one and see if there’s any new trick you can pull out of your sleeve to surprise them and make your time a little more fun and worry about the heavy stuff, disease and work, and all the things that hover over us during the day; until tomorrow.

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