How to de-stress during the political season

DESTRESSINGThe political season is a very stressful season for anyone involved in politics. Elections can be trying, and cause lots of arguments between opposing parties. Especially during the debates and forums the stress level can get to you. Politician’s futures and the people’s futures are riding on who is the best candidate for the current election. Whether it be for local or national elections every bit of the process can drive you out of your mind. But there are ways to deal with election season that you can use throughout your lifetime. Here are a few simple suggestions that can help you keep down the stress.


Hypnotherapy is something that can be used for many different ailments such as smoking, drinking, phobias, and especially stress. Stress is the number one cause of people ending up in the hospital with heart attacks and strokes. Health makes a big difference but stress can make everything worse. Many people can suffer from something called stress related angina, which is where your heart tightens up like a heart attack but isn’t really a heart attack. It’s related to the amount of stress that is in your life. Hypnotherapy in Westerham can help you with your distressing needs.


Meditation can provide you with hours of quiet reflective time. This is a very good way to distress. By finding a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the world you can simply take some time to meditate and clear your mind. Many Buddhist Monks use meditation to feel closer to god and calm themselves when quiet reflection is needed about situations where there is no clear answer. Meditation has been practice for many years and continues to be one of the best ways to de-stress after a long day or week.

Taking a long walk

Taking a long walk can help you calm your nerves and de-stress especially after a debate or forum. Elections can bring out the worst in people and sometimes it helps to get away from the problem and think in a quiet place and what better way to do than to walk it out. By walking and thinking you are lowering your heart rate and getting exercise while thinking about the problem at hand. This helps to provide quiet contemplation on the day’s events and struggles.


Exercise is a great way to de-stress. It gets your heart rate up and your adrenaline pumping. It also helps you to get some fitness in while relieving stress. The best way to de-stress and exercise is to run on a treadmill, or lift weights. Depending on your preference you can do something that really works you out or you can just do something that is repetitious and helps you to burn some calories. Burning calories will also keep you healthy which will give you a greater chance of not having a heart attack from stress related issues.

Although these are just a few ideas, there are many more that can help you de-stress during a particularly grueling election season. Election seasons are very long and to prevent from having stress related health issues its best to find some way to decompress and relieve stress at the end of every day.




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