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Easy Way to Save Money with Obamacare? Get Fit.-Politics and Fitness

POLITICSThese days it seems everyone is talking about health insurance and politics. Or politics and healthcare. Or both at the same time. From the hawks who want the let the free market reign to scholars who believe in basic floors and ceilings to the guys down the local pub, everyone has an opinion. However, there’s a really simple way to save money, and perhaps increase your lifespan, when it comes to insurance: work out.

A good fitness regime can keep you healthy, keep you active and keep your insurance down. Nobody wants to insure a two-pack a day couch-potato with a serious fried chicken habit. But what about insuring someone who runs regularly, eats right and stays positive? Healthy living looks great from an insurer’s point of view, and it’s good for your own lifespan, so how could you refuse?

If you’re someone who’s never really thought about the link between their health and their pocket, then perhaps you should start thinking about the Sole E35 Elliptical Machine. This piece of quality engineering is specially designed to hold people of all weights and sizes, so no matter where you are on the weight scale, or the political scale, you can hop on and get fit. It comes with an in-built MP3 system, an easy to read seven and a half inch LCD screen and has a range of programmes, resistance levels and inclinations to test you out every day. The E35 will tell you how many calories you’ve burnt, how much energy you’ve spent, it’ll track how far you go and keep a record of your performance day to day.

It’s slim enough too, so it’ll fit in your basement or your office without much hassle. Keep it somewhere you can see it so you are always reminded to give it a go. All you need is a power plug to drive the electronics and the will to get on with the job.

Heart attacks are a big killer in the states, and if you can show your insurance provider that you keep a regular cardio regime, then you’ll see the benefits not only in your health, but also in your bank account. The Sole E35 pushes you to work out your legs, thighs and heart, giving you the benefit of a run from the comfort of your own home. Play the music you want, or listen to the political pundit of your choice, and get active.

For $2,000.00 you might think you can’t afford it. But if you think of the health benefits and the impact that will have on your insurance is massive. This product will last you years, and if you make a constant habit out of it you’ll find that cost is marginal compared to your savings. So get this today and start shaving off those calories and those Obamacare penalties.

How to de-stress during the political season

DESTRESSINGThe political season is a very stressful season for anyone involved in politics. Elections can be trying, and cause lots of arguments between opposing parties. Especially during the debates and forums the stress level can get to you. Politician’s futures and the people’s futures are riding on who is the best candidate for the current election. Whether it be for local or national elections every bit of the process can drive you out of your mind. But there are ways to deal with election season that you can use throughout your lifetime. Here are a few simple suggestions that can help you keep down the stress.


Hypnotherapy is something that can be used for many different ailments such as smoking, drinking, phobias, and especially stress. Stress is the number one cause of people ending up in the hospital with heart attacks and strokes. Health makes a big difference but stress can make everything worse. Many people can suffer from something called stress related angina, which is where your heart tightens up like a heart attack but isn’t really a heart attack. It’s related to the amount of stress that is in your life. Hypnotherapy in Westerham can help you with your distressing needs.


Meditation can provide you with hours of quiet reflective time. This is a very good way to distress. By finding a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the world you can simply take some time to meditate and clear your mind. Many Buddhist Monks use meditation to feel closer to god and calm themselves when quiet reflection is needed about situations where there is no clear answer. Meditation has been practice for many years and continues to be one of the best ways to de-stress after a long day or week.

Taking a long walk

Taking a long walk can help you calm your nerves and de-stress especially after a debate or forum. Elections can bring out the worst in people and sometimes it helps to get away from the problem and think in a quiet place and what better way to do than to walk it out. By walking and thinking you are lowering your heart rate and getting exercise while thinking about the problem at hand. This helps to provide quiet contemplation on the day’s events and struggles.


Exercise is a great way to de-stress. It gets your heart rate up and your adrenaline pumping. It also helps you to get some fitness in while relieving stress. The best way to de-stress and exercise is to run on a treadmill, or lift weights. Depending on your preference you can do something that really works you out or you can just do something that is repetitious and helps you to burn some calories. Burning calories will also keep you healthy which will give you a greater chance of not having a heart attack from stress related issues.

Although these are just a few ideas, there are many more that can help you de-stress during a particularly grueling election season. Election seasons are very long and to prevent from having stress related health issues its best to find some way to decompress and relieve stress at the end of every day.




Celebrating the election in style

ELECTIONS AND BBQWith presidential elections coming up in 2016 now is the time to start planning for those big election parties. Although the candidates are still being decided we know that we are either Democratic, Republic, or Liberal so we know that we will celebrate at some point during the election season. Planning ahead for these events can be very stressful. But there are many ways to celebrate and eliminate the stress.

One such way is to decide early on how you want to celebrate. Do you want to just do cocktails and snacks or are you throwing a back yard BBQ to celebrate. With cocktails and snacks you don’t need much preparation. But with a back yard BQ you will need a little bit more preparation. One thing you will need is a gas smoker and you can find more info here.

Election parties can bring out the best and worst in people. Everyone has their opinions on the right candidates and the platforms that they represent. But you can truly have a great election party with your friends and family if you behave as adults and only talk about the good and not the bad. But be prepared for disagreements if you are inviting many people with different views. Politics is a touchy subject for many people. Politics is one subject that lots of people won’t even discuss with others, sometimes it’s best not to say anything at all.

When making the guest list for your election party make sure you only invite the ones interested incoming, and the ones that won’t cause a fight. Keeping the peace during elections is hard work but it can be done. Just plan properly and don’t get into battle with others on their beliefs and opinions. Everyone has a right to their opinions and you have to remember that. Just because you think their opinion is not correct doesn’t mean you can correct them.

The perfect location for an election party is always going to be a garden patio. It makes for a beautiful environment and calming effect. This will make for a great place to add gas smokers for the patio. Since most patios are big enough for guests and the smoker you should have no problem with room. However, if you don’t have a garden patio try renting out your local country club patio or deck. Most the time you will to need to get your reservations in early since these places fill up fast. Country clubs sometimes offer the grill or smoker for you to cook with or catering as well so the options can be endless.

Making the best election party comes down to planning, research, and the invite list. Making sure you invite only the most important people to your election party will cut down on party crashers and problems amongst the guests. Planning will take you a while. You will need to scout locations if your garden patio isn’t big enough and the country club is booked for the date you need. You will also need to order a cake and other catering services. This can all be done with determination and research. So celebrate the election in style and have fun.

Politics in the Bedroom? Not Once The Door Shuts I Hope

POLITICS TODAYIt’s a shame that we spend time and money on things like how to last longer in bed tips when we could be spending that money donating to find a cure for cancer or multiple sclerosis.  Then again, even people with cancer or MS probably want to know ways they can spice up their lives even if in the bedroom so I guess things like that can be positive.  When you’ve got serious issues to deal with on a daily basis, what’s wrong with getting your mind in sync with that of your partner?  Enjoy what you can and make the most of it.  So I guess yes, we need to find cures for those things that plague us, but why not enjoy ourselves in the meantime, what we do have, and what changes we can make to improve what we do have not just for our benefit, but for the benefit of the ones that we love.

I might sound a little crazy in saying all this but it’s true.  I don’t want to live through my situation with a total doom and gloom attitude.  Getting down on politicians who won’t push through stem cell research to learn new ways to cure what plagues us it going to make my day miserable.  I’d rather curl up in bed with my wife and enjoy what I can while I can.  It’s funny how simple it can be too, I mean, they even have a site dedicated to ways to make the loving between you and your loved one last longer.  I mean try  Now there’s an interesting site to browse in your free time.  It will definitely lift the cloud of grey that has been floating over your head for days now and let a little smile shine through.

It is, what it is.  That saying has been so popular as of late.  So all in all it’s a saying that is very much on point when it comes down to the grass roots of things that plague us, those that we love, the days we endure, the paths leaders we put in charge lead us down.  After a day’s grind at work, it is what it is.  Make the best of it.  Being close to another human being is the best way to feel that closeness.  That closeness that shows us what the best of it really is.  Spending some time or a few bucks to learn how to make that time we have where we feel close to someone else all that it can be and put aside our hardships and what life is serving us up at this point a little better, a little more fun for a few moments out of our day.  Why not.

So enjoy your evening with your loved one and see if there’s any new trick you can pull out of your sleeve to surprise them and make your time a little more fun and worry about the heavy stuff, disease and work, and all the things that hover over us during the day; until tomorrow.

Politics and Renovations-Increasing the Value of Your Home in This Economy

POLITICS AND REAL ESTATE A real estate bubble occurs when there are rapid increases in the prices of homes and then the prices decline just as rapidly. This happened around 2007- 2008 in the United States and many problems were created in terms of credit debt, home foreclosures and drastic mortgage refinances because of it. With all the bad news that came out of the real estate bubble burst, there are some good lessons to be learned from it in terms of home prices and increasing the value of your home. It is also a great question to ask your senator. Knowing their plans for our financial situations could be a game changer.

Adjust Expectations

In the past people have enjoyed having the reassurance that as their home grew older it increased in value. Nowadays you cannot count on a home being worth more than what you paid for it when you bought it. You have to be willing to really put in an effort in order to see an increase in value in your home.

Market Timing is Everything

You are not able to control the market, so you will have to keep a watchful eye on home prices when you are getting ready to buy or sell. When home prices were going up many people bought homes they could not afford in the long term because they assumed the prices would continue to rise and they would make a large profit when selling. It is better to plan ahead and take a long term approach to real estate. You should look for a home that will enhance your life overall and will increase in value over time. One way to be in control of the increasing value of your home is to complete worthwhile and valuable home renovation projects.

Kitchen Renovations

Home and bathroom renovations in Perth require a lot of careful planning, budgeting and technical know-how. Overall they will be worthwhile because they will increase the value of your home. They will also help you to be reassured that you are being proactive about the value of your home and are preparing for resale. Having a tidy, modern kitchen can really increase the value of your home. You are able to replace appliances and recover fixtures that are present but could use some work to look sparkling new. Key areas and fixtures to focus on when renovating a kitchen include cabinets, drawers, skirting, appliances, a backsplash and lighting.

Bathroom Renovations

When updating your bathroom, the aim is to create a modern look which will be appealing to potential buyers. Replacing cabinets and faucets can go a long way in helping to set the right tone with potential buyers who will be keen to see updated fixtures. Simply removing anything with stains or mildew is essential. This may mean checking the walls of a bathroom for mold and replacing bathroom tiles or even tubs. An important point to note when considering bathroom renovations is to simply leave the plumbing where it is and work around it. Moving plumbing can be very costly. Before deciding on any renovations it would be wise to consult a contractor to check for prices. Check out opportunities for consulting with renovation experts at

Create Curb Appeal

What your house looks like from the outside is important. Creating an entryway that looks desirable will add value to your home for sure. Painting the entrance way or entrance door is a good way to start creating curb appeal for your home.


It is amazing what insulation can do to add value to your home. There are many energy wise programs out there that will subsidize the cost of insulation because there are so many opportunities to save on energy usage with added insulation. Having the right insulation will ensure potential buyers that you have a healthy home which is energy efficient. This translates into cost effectiveness as well.


What Kind of Impact Does Government Debt Have on Students?

Being aware of current events is one thing that every late-teen today should focus on. The events of the government and of politicians greatly impact the ability for students to get the education they desire. Increasing government debt, a struggling economy and changing learning standards all play a role in the future of education. If you are wondering what kind of impact it has on your future, consider these points.

governement debt


Public universities are funded several different ways. Only part of this is from your tuition. In fact, half of university funding comes from grants provided by the government and private donors. As the government continues to be in debt, schools are taking the hit. Of course, this isn’t just universities it is also public elementary and secondary schools that are taking the hit. When it comes to universities, they can be forced to cut programs and limit admission in order to accommodate both their budget and their applicants needs.


Programs may also be cut as a result of less money. Any programs that are either too expensive to maintain or do not have high enough enrollment rates could fall victim. When you look at listings for a particular program like those listed at My Dental Hygienist Schools then you can determine how competitive that program is. Ask yourself – is this school ranked highly nationwide? Do they have a detail-oriented application process? Who accredited this program? What is the job placement rate post-graduation. All of these are important questions to help you determine your future in higher education.

The Extras

Going to college is associated with the college experience. This experience is not just your classroom studies or making new friends or living life on your own for the first time. It’s also about the bonus features you get to enjoy on a college campus. For example, if you are going to school to be funeral director then you may have access to a genuine anatomy lab with human cadavers at one college while you are limited to petrified cats in glass boxes for your anatomy class at another college. The differences in the extras you enjoy on a college campus are directly related to how much extra money the school has to spend on these experiences. If it is not critical for education then it is not critical for the budget.

Cost of Housing, Tuition and Food

Most college students choose to live on campus. Most colleges require that if you live on campus you also have a meal plan with the on-site dining halls. These two things can easily add an extra $5,000 or more per year to your college costs. It’s important to remember that the cost of tuition, campus housing and food are directly related to how much money the college has. The extra costs of running a university are tacked on to these essentials that you have to pay as part of the college experience.

What You Can Do

Once you are of legal age to vote, it is important that you focus on politicians that support your belief in higher education. See what platforms these individuals stand for and find out how you can support them. Most importantly, spread the word to your fellow peers and encourage them to get out and vote for a brighter future for yourselves and future generations.

4 Tips for Stock Trading in a Political World

Investing-in-Stocks-for-BeginnersA “sure thing” will never exist when it comes to investing in stocks. Even the most promising companies are subject to the ups and downs of the economy. Economic change is heavily driven by the state of politics in each and every country around the world. As much as we hate it, when it seems like our country is losing its grip on a situation, that is when people will panic and cause the stock market to rapidly decline. Here are some tips to keep in mind as your ride the economic wave to investment wealth.

  1. Learn the Basics – Investing is not for the faint of heart. When you look at an investment report it can seem like nothing more than a list of numbers and symbols that could be computer code for all you know. There are hundreds of sites devoted to teaching people how to invest and about the advantages and disadvantages of stock trade. Take time to browse sites like MoneyedUp where you can learn how to be a smart investor, minimize risk and what the difference is in your investment options.
  2. Get a Financial Advisor – In this do-it-yourself world it’s easy to get caught up with the desire to do everything yourself. Unfortunately, managing a stock portfolio is no easy job. When you make a mistake (bad investment) you cannot simply start over; you could lose a substantial amount of money. A financial advisor helps you determine how much risk you can handle and determines how risky various investments are. He is there to hold your hand and help you make the best financial decisions that will yield the best returns. With the help of a financial advisor you can look over your dividend paying stocks list and made calculated decisions on when to buy, sell or trade.
  3. Follow Political News – Staying up on current events is only one part of navigating the trade market. You need to follow up on even the littlest of news. The internet has a way of taking a small story and turning into headline news. When that small story involves grassroots organizations putting people in a panic as they defend their land with guns – you can bet it will cause some heavy waves in the stock market. Keep an eye on what politicians are doing about world events as well. The way that a crisis in another country is handled will also greatly impact your portfolio. And let’s not forget about the volatile state of the market during election season.
  4. Read, Often – The most successful investors have learned that knowledge is power. If you want to get a better idea of what is going on in the country, with politicians and with the stock market then you should get your hands on books – often. There are thousands of books that talk about political and stock history, how politics impacts your stocks, how to manage your stock portfolio, tricks of the trade and more. The more information you can learn, the better you will become at managing your portfolio on your own and making smart financial decisions.

Finding Your Right Career-Political or Otherwise

CAREER CHOICES PHOTO If you are looking into a profession that you want to start, change to or do with your current job that you have some options. There are a lot of jobs out there. There are the professions that require years of training even after college like becoming a doctor and then there are those where one must first have a talent such as painting or cooking. You can learn to be a chef but a certain amount of skill in the kitchen is always best to start with. Not every job is for every person.  Some people have the need to be creative and others have a need to help people.

Wanting to help people is an admirable thing. Those who really want to help have some options such as becoming a social worker. They do work for little money, have high case loads and high stress jobs but if that is what you are looking to do than the job will be easier because you want it. If that sounds like too much for you than there is always nursing. Nursing can be an exciting career and have a lot of rewarding aspects to it as well. It is also a high stress job though. If you do not thrive well under pressure, than you may want to consider another area of focus instead.

Just because you don’t want to be a doctor or a nurse does not mean that you cannot be a part of the medical field. There are a lot of medical related jobs that come with a lot less pressure. You could go into medical billing which is a high growth field at the moment. They help with all of the financial aspects of the job. If finances aren’t up your alley than maybe you could be a medical receptionist. They help people byu being the voice on the phone, the friendly face, keeping the office in order and a lot of other things that make a huge difference to the patients. Sometimes they just need to know someone is listening to them when the doctor can’t be there. That is a great choice if helping people is your goal. CAREER OPTIONS PHOTO

There are other ways to do the same thing, help the patients and make them feel more comfortable and at ease with the process as a whole. Keep in mind that some of the people that you will encounter are very ill and quite afraid. They could always use another friendly face around to help them to remain calm.  If that sounds like something you would like to do then check out a guide to phlebotomy courses. They take the patents blood, and when done correctly and with care, it can make for one less pain they have to deal with, one less thing that they have to be afraid of. Having a nice and friendly phlebotomist can change a patient’s whole day. If the needle hurts than the experience is unpleasant for an already afraid person. If they are gentle and kind however, it can make all the difference.

Yay or Nay on Liposuction?

Liposuction of Neck

Neck Liposuction

Liposuction is something that has gained in popularity over the past few years. Men and women want to have the perfect hair, the perfect eyes, cheekbones that make them look younger, a tummy tuck, and so many other things in order to hide their true age and make them feel a whole lot better. There are many different reasons that you may choose to have liposuction along with many reasons why you might choose to not get liposuction, such as the cost of neck liposuction. Here are the top five reasons that people choose to get liposuction.

Weight Loss

If you have been doing a lot of work in order to lose weight, you are probably looking and feeling pretty great about yourself. Depending on how much weight that you have lost, then there may be some extra skin that is leftover. Liposuction can help you to get rid of the extra flab that might be present on your thighs, arms, and stomach.


After you have gone through the treatments for cancer and beaten the disease, there can often be a big toll that is taken on your body. Areas of your body may not be as tight and clean as you would like due to the extreme weight loss that you have undergone while being sick. After you are done with cancer, you use liposuction to remove any of the excess fat that is left in your body and tighten up the flab.


Pregnancy can do a lot of harm to your body. While it is such a joy to carry and give birth to your first child, your skin is going to be stretched out in all different directions. You will have gained some extra weight to support the baby and your stomach will have stretched as the baby grew bigger. These changes do not just go away after you have the baby. Many women might choose to have liposuction to get their bodies back to it’s original state.

Men Liposuction

Liposuction in Men

Men can look great too

Even men can get a tummy tuck or some other form of liposuction to improve their appearance and self-confidence. There are many different procedures that can be done on men that will help them to look and feel their very best just like with women.

Not too expensive

Many people believe that liposuction is really expensive. This could be due to the fact that many politicians and celebrities seem to undergo liposuction all of the time and these people all have a lot of money. In fact, there are many different factors affecting cost of liposuction. These may include the doctor that you go to, the type of surgery that you are having, and how much work needs to be done. It is important to take the time to do your research to find out the best options for you before having liposuction done to ensure that you are getting a great deal and will look amazing when it is all over with.

Policy and Pocket Knives

Weapons of Violence


There is a lot of controversy nowadays regarding violence and the use of weapons in the United States. While most weapons violence we focus on involves the use of guns, other items that can be potentially used as weapons include baseball bats and knives. Unlike guns, these tools have other non-violent uses as well. Some items, like the baseball bat, have obvious, specific uses; others, like knives, can be used in a variety of ways for different situations.

mtech knives are what the average person would call a “pocket knife.” While most certainly fit into a person’s pocket, there are many different uses for knives as outlined on various websites dealing with their sale and distribution. They are sometimes referred to as “rescue knives” and are considered an essential tool for a survival kit. A small pocket knife can come into use even in the most unlikely places and unlikely times in a wide variety of ways that guns never will. A knife can come in handy if one gets tangled in wire or rope. They can come in handy if you need to open an object that is concealed in difficult packaging. If administering first aid, a knife can assist in you opening medicine packets and cutting gauze.

While knives can definitely be dangerous if used incorrectly, they have far more practical and non-dangerous uses than other weapons such as guns. If you travel a lot or go camping, a good knife is an essential part of your supplies. And if you find yourself stuck out in the wild, you can use a knife to help obtain and prepare food for yourself. A knife can be used to cut down small branches to start a fire with if rescue might not be coming for a long time. The difference between having a knife and not having a knife can be what saves your life.

Pocket Knife

Tac Force Knife

If you are going to make the choice to purchase a knife, make sure you purchase one that fits your needs. a tac force knife has a variety of different choices in blade length and in the way they fold. If you do your research and purchase a good, quality knife, that knife can last you for years and can help you with whatever you might want to do, be it hunting or just using it for simple, daily task like opening packages and cans.

Knives can definitely be dangerous and should be held to the same personal safety standards as gun, yet at the same time they serve far more potential uses, even to the point of being life-savers. This makes them a great choice for a less controversial weapon to carry with you. Just make sure that you do your research to prevent your knife from being confiscated at locations where weapons of any kind are not permitted. While most people who carry knives will not use it to cause any sort of unwarranted harm to others, it is understandable that some places, especially ones with a high volume of people and foot traffic, want to take all precautions they can to prevent any tragedy from happening.