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Celebrating the election in style

ELECTIONS AND BBQWith presidential elections coming up in 2016 now is the time to start planning for those big election parties. Although the candidates are still being decided we know that we are either Democratic, Republic, or Liberal so we know that we will celebrate at some point during the election season. Planning ahead for these events can be very stressful. But there are many ways to celebrate and eliminate the stress.

One such way is to decide early on how you want to celebrate. Do you want to just do cocktails and snacks or are you throwing a back yard BBQ to celebrate. With cocktails and snacks you don’t need much preparation. But with a back yard BQ you will need a little bit more preparation. One thing you will need is a gas smoker and you can find more info here.

Election parties can bring out the best and worst in people. Everyone has their opinions on the right candidates and the platforms that they represent. But you can truly have a great election party with your friends and family if you behave as adults and only talk about the good and not the bad. But be prepared for disagreements if you are inviting many people with different views. Politics is a touchy subject for many people. Politics is one subject that lots of people won’t even discuss with others, sometimes it’s best not to say anything at all.

When making the guest list for your election party make sure you only invite the ones interested incoming, and the ones that won’t cause a fight. Keeping the peace during elections is hard work but it can be done. Just plan properly and don’t get into battle with others on their beliefs and opinions. Everyone has a right to their opinions and you have to remember that. Just because you think their opinion is not correct doesn’t mean you can correct them.

The perfect location for an election party is always going to be a garden patio. It makes for a beautiful environment and calming effect. This will make for a great place to add gas smokers for the patio. Since most patios are big enough for guests and the smoker you should have no problem with room. However, if you don’t have a garden patio try renting out your local country club patio or deck. Most the time you will to need to get your reservations in early since these places fill up fast. Country clubs sometimes offer the grill or smoker for you to cook with or catering as well so the options can be endless.

Making the best election party comes down to planning, research, and the invite list. Making sure you invite only the most important people to your election party will cut down on party crashers and problems amongst the guests. Planning will take you a while. You will need to scout locations if your garden patio isn’t big enough and the country club is booked for the date you need. You will also need to order a cake and other catering services. This can all be done with determination and research. So celebrate the election in style and have fun.