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Politics and Renovations-Increasing the Value of Your Home in This Economy

POLITICS AND REAL ESTATE A real estate bubble occurs when there are rapid increases in the prices of homes and then the prices decline just as rapidly. This happened around 2007- 2008 in the United States and many problems were created in terms of credit debt, home foreclosures and drastic mortgage refinances because of it. With all the bad news that came out of the real estate bubble burst, there are some good lessons to be learned from it in terms of home prices and increasing the value of your home. It is also a great question to ask your senator. Knowing their plans for our financial situations could be a game changer.

Adjust Expectations

In the past people have enjoyed having the reassurance that as their home grew older it increased in value. Nowadays you cannot count on a home being worth more than what you paid for it when you bought it. You have to be willing to really put in an effort in order to see an increase in value in your home.

Market Timing is Everything

You are not able to control the market, so you will have to keep a watchful eye on home prices when you are getting ready to buy or sell. When home prices were going up many people bought homes they could not afford in the long term because they assumed the prices would continue to rise and they would make a large profit when selling. It is better to plan ahead and take a long term approach to real estate. You should look for a home that will enhance your life overall and will increase in value over time. One way to be in control of the increasing value of your home is to complete worthwhile and valuable home renovation projects.

Kitchen Renovations

Home and bathroom renovations in Perth require a lot of careful planning, budgeting and technical know-how. Overall they will be worthwhile because they will increase the value of your home. They will also help you to be reassured that you are being proactive about the value of your home and are preparing for resale. Having a tidy, modern kitchen can really increase the value of your home. You are able to replace appliances and recover fixtures that are present but could use some work to look sparkling new. Key areas and fixtures to focus on when renovating a kitchen include cabinets, drawers, skirting, appliances, a backsplash and lighting.

Bathroom Renovations

When updating your bathroom, the aim is to create a modern look which will be appealing to potential buyers. Replacing cabinets and faucets can go a long way in helping to set the right tone with potential buyers who will be keen to see updated fixtures. Simply removing anything with stains or mildew is essential. This may mean checking the walls of a bathroom for mold and replacing bathroom tiles or even tubs. An important point to note when considering bathroom renovations is to simply leave the plumbing where it is and work around it. Moving plumbing can be very costly. Before deciding on any renovations it would be wise to consult a contractor to check for prices. Check out opportunities for consulting with renovation experts at http://www.perthrenovationgroup.com.au.

Create Curb Appeal

What your house looks like from the outside is important. Creating an entryway that looks desirable will add value to your home for sure. Painting the entrance way or entrance door is a good way to start creating curb appeal for your home.


It is amazing what insulation can do to add value to your home. There are many energy wise programs out there that will subsidize the cost of insulation because there are so many opportunities to save on energy usage with added insulation. Having the right insulation will ensure potential buyers that you have a healthy home which is energy efficient. This translates into cost effectiveness as well.