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What Kind of Impact Does Government Debt Have on Students?

Being aware of current events is one thing that every late-teen today should focus on. The events of the government and of politicians greatly impact the ability for students to get the education they desire. Increasing government debt, a struggling economy and changing learning standards all play a role in the future of education. If you are wondering what kind of impact it has on your future, consider these points.

governement debt


Public universities are funded several different ways. Only part of this is from your tuition. In fact, half of university funding comes from grants provided by the government and private donors. As the government continues to be in debt, schools are taking the hit. Of course, this isn’t just universities it is also public elementary and secondary schools that are taking the hit. When it comes to universities, they can be forced to cut programs and limit admission in order to accommodate both their budget and their applicants needs.


Programs may also be cut as a result of less money. Any programs that are either too expensive to maintain or do not have high enough enrollment rates could fall victim. When you look at listings for a particular program like those listed at My Dental Hygienist Schools then you can determine how competitive that program is. Ask yourself – is this school ranked highly nationwide? Do they have a detail-oriented application process? Who accredited this program? What is the job placement rate post-graduation. All of these are important questions to help you determine your future in higher education.

The Extras

Going to college is associated with the college experience. This experience is not just your classroom studies or making new friends or living life on your own for the first time. It’s also about the bonus features you get to enjoy on a college campus. For example, if you are going to school to be funeral director then you may have access to a genuine anatomy lab with human cadavers at one college while you are limited to petrified cats in glass boxes for your anatomy class at another college. The differences in the extras you enjoy on a college campus are directly related to how much extra money the school has to spend on these experiences. If it is not critical for education then it is not critical for the budget.

Cost of Housing, Tuition and Food

Most college students choose to live on campus. Most colleges require that if you live on campus you also have a meal plan with the on-site dining halls. These two things can easily add an extra $5,000 or more per year to your college costs. It’s important to remember that the cost of tuition, campus housing and food are directly related to how much money the college has. The extra costs of running a university are tacked on to these essentials that you have to pay as part of the college experience.

What You Can Do

Once you are of legal age to vote, it is important that you focus on politicians that support your belief in higher education. See what platforms these individuals stand for and find out how you can support them. Most importantly, spread the word to your fellow peers and encourage them to get out and vote for a brighter future for yourselves and future generations.