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Easy Way to Save Money with Obamacare? Get Fit.-Politics and Fitness

POLITICSThese days it seems everyone is talking about health insurance and politics. Or politics and healthcare. Or both at the same time. From the hawks who want the let the free market reign to scholars who believe in basic floors and ceilings to the guys down the local pub, everyone has an opinion. However, there’s a really simple way to save money, and perhaps increase your lifespan, when it comes to insurance: work out.

A good fitness regime can keep you healthy, keep you active and keep your insurance down. Nobody wants to insure a two-pack a day couch-potato with a serious fried chicken habit. But what about insuring someone who runs regularly, eats right and stays positive? Healthy living looks great from an insurer’s point of view, and it’s good for your own lifespan, so how could you refuse?

If you’re someone who’s never really thought about the link between their health and their pocket, then perhaps you should start thinking about the Sole E35 Elliptical Machine. This piece of quality engineering is specially designed to hold people of all weights and sizes, so no matter where you are on the weight scale, or the political scale, you can hop on and get fit. It comes with an in-built MP3 system, an easy to read seven and a half inch LCD screen and has a range of programmes, resistance levels and inclinations to test you out every day. The E35 will tell you how many calories you’ve burnt, how much energy you’ve spent, it’ll track how far you go and keep a record of your performance day to day.

It’s slim enough too, so it’ll fit in your basement or your office without much hassle. Keep it somewhere you can see it so you are always reminded to give it a go. All you need is a power plug to drive the electronics and the will to get on with the job.

Heart attacks are a big killer in the states, and if you can show your insurance provider that you keep a regular cardio regime, then you’ll see the benefits not only in your health, but also in your bank account. The Sole E35 pushes you to work out your legs, thighs and heart, giving you the benefit of a run from the comfort of your own home. Play the music you want, or listen to the political pundit of your choice, and get active.

For $2,000.00 you might think you can’t afford it. But if you think of the health benefits and the impact that will have on your insurance is massive. This product will last you years, and if you make a constant habit out of it you’ll find that cost is marginal compared to your savings. So get this today and start shaving off those calories and those Obamacare penalties.