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Policy and Pocket Knives

Weapons of Violence


There is a lot of controversy nowadays regarding violence and the use of weapons in the United States. While most weapons violence we focus on involves the use of guns, other items that can be potentially used as weapons include baseball bats and knives. Unlike guns, these tools have other non-violent uses as well. Some items, like the baseball bat, have obvious, specific uses; others, like knives, can be used in a variety of ways for different situations.

mtech knives are what the average person would call a “pocket knife.” While most certainly fit into a person’s pocket, there are many different uses for knives as outlined on various websites dealing with their sale and distribution. They are sometimes referred to as “rescue knives” and are considered an essential tool for a survival kit. A small pocket knife can come into use even in the most unlikely places and unlikely times in a wide variety of ways that guns never will. A knife can come in handy if one gets tangled in wire or rope. They can come in handy if you need to open an object that is concealed in difficult packaging. If administering first aid, a knife can assist in you opening medicine packets and cutting gauze.

While knives can definitely be dangerous if used incorrectly, they have far more practical and non-dangerous uses than other weapons such as guns. If you travel a lot or go camping, a good knife is an essential part of your supplies. And if you find yourself stuck out in the wild, you can use a knife to help obtain and prepare food for yourself. A knife can be used to cut down small branches to start a fire with if rescue might not be coming for a long time. The difference between having a knife and not having a knife can be what saves your life.

Pocket Knife

Tac Force Knife

If you are going to make the choice to purchase a knife, make sure you purchase one that fits your needs. a tac force knife has a variety of different choices in blade length and in the way they fold. If you do your research and purchase a good, quality knife, that knife can last you for years and can help you with whatever you might want to do, be it hunting or just using it for simple, daily task like opening packages and cans.

Knives can definitely be dangerous and should be held to the same personal safety standards as gun, yet at the same time they serve far more potential uses, even to the point of being life-savers. This makes them a great choice for a less controversial weapon to carry with you. Just make sure that you do your research to prevent your knife from being confiscated at locations where weapons of any kind are not permitted. While most people who carry knives will not use it to cause any sort of unwarranted harm to others, it is understandable that some places, especially ones with a high volume of people and foot traffic, want to take all precautions they can to prevent any tragedy from happening.